If you have a bank account for a long time, then What Is Debit Card? You do not need to know about this, but if you are going to open an account in the bank, then definitely kill the post will be very useful for you.

Because in this post we will tell you what is a debit card and how it can prove to be very useful for you and through this we will provide all the information about how to withdraw money from your bank.

When many people go to open a new bank account, then there are many questions in their mind whether they should take a debit card and where it will be used and with this how much money the bank is going to charge for it. |

If you have more such questions in your mind and want to know the answer to all of them, then you definitely need to read this post of ours carefully from the beginning to the last, where we will debit you in simple words through every single line. Will try my best to tell about the card.

Before we start telling you one thing that What Is Debit Card? Would also like to tell that if you need any more information related to banking, then you can also read other posts available on our website where we have shared the information through the post on very important topic related to banking. |

What Is Debit Card?

What Is Debit Card? : Debit card is a type of plastic memory card in which a small memo is kept and all the information of our account is kept inside it.

Through this, you can withdraw money from your account by going to any ATM where you need to insert your debit card in the ATM machine and after that you need to enter the PIN, in this way you can withdraw money from the account. How much money can you withdraw?

Whenever you come after opening the account, then you are also given a debit card and the bank takes some charge of the debit card from you every 1 year, where it is not much, each bank has a different charge but you Let’s say that you will need to pay 200 rupees for 1 year.

Along with this, you can use your debit card inside any ATM machine and there is no regulation by the bank on how much money you can withdraw and you can easily use debit card to do online shopping. can also do

If you shop almost through e-commerce website, then debit card can be very useful where it is very easy to make online payment through debit card, in contrast you have to use internet banking, in which fees are also included. Looks like

All around, check cards cost nothing extra: There are no yearly enrollment expenses or loan charges.

Nonetheless, they don’t necessarily permit you to expense get away from charges totally: If you pull out cash from an ATM that is not from — or subsidiary with — the bank that gave your check card, you might be very much charged an ATM exchange.

Imagine a scenario in which you utilize the card to spend more than you have in your record. You can get hit with lacking assets charges, like those caused by a bobbed paper check. Assuming you’ve enlisted for overdraft security, you will cause overdraft charges.

You could likewise cause a substitution card charge in the event that yours is lost, harmed, or taken, and an unfamiliar exchange expense, on the off chance that you purchase something in an unfamiliar money.

How many types of debit cards are there?

Whenever a debit card is given to you by the bank, the name of the company is written on that plastic debit card, by which company this debit card has been made and all you will do with your debit card for money transactions. by the company only.

There are many different types of companies providing debit card facility in India, some of the most popular are VISA and RUPAY and let us tell you that the Government of India has launched RUPAY a few years back.

This is an Indian company and works completely under the supervision of the Indian government, that’s why whenever you take a debit card through your government bank, only the debit card of RUPAY is available.

  • Visa Debit Card
  • Master Card
  • RuPay Card
  • Contactless Debit Card
  • Maestro Debit Card

Advantages of Debit Card

  • Debit Card The biggest advantage of debit cards is that you do not need to carry cash all the time so that you can keep your money safe and where But there is also a need to pay money there, you can give it with a debit card.
  • Apart from this, there is no need to go to the bank branch to withdraw money from your bank account, you can go to any nearest ATM machine and withdraw money through debit card.
  • It is also very useful in online shopping, through David card, you can easily make online payment anywhere.

Here we have What Is Debit Card? We have given almost complete information on this topic and have told that how many types of debit cards are there and what are the benefits of debit cards, if you have read our post carefully, in such a situation, you have got the answers to all the questions of debit card. 

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